Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dogs Trust Come to Visit - January 2015

We were very lucky to have a visit from the Dogs Trust last week. 
Fiona came to visit us in Senior Infants with her dog Jake. 

Fiona taught us lots about how to greet dogs and we even got a chance to test out our new safe skills by petting Jake! 

We now know that we should use WALT when greeting dogs. 
W... Walk up to the dog. 
A... Ask the owner can you pet the dog. 
L.... Let the dog smell your hand, mind your fingers! 
T... Touch the Dog

Saturday, 17 January 2015

January 2015

Happy new year!
Welcome to the new home for our blog!
We have been very busy since we got back in January.
We had Healthy Eating Week last week. We did lots of work about being healthy and even made healthy smoothies!

 Here we are sorting food into healthy and not healthy, we worked very well in pairs!

We had lots of fun doing drama, we worked in groups to bring the story of The Three Little Pigs to life!

We have been working on the story of  8 this month!

We have been working on our group work skills this month! Here we are playing a co-operative game in P.E and doing some pair work in Maths. We are great at co-operating with our friends! 

New Year... New Home for our Blog

We have had to move!!!
We are such a busy bunch that our other blog was full!! We have had to move to this new site to continue to keep everybody updated!