Tuesday, 3 February 2015

February 2015

We start February with work on Long Ago and Now. We read a book about what life was like when our Grandparents were young. We also had a visit from David. He is one of the girls in our classes Granddad. He told us what it was like growing up in Dublin. He told us about the milk coming by horse and cart, his short trousers and what school was like when he was young.
We learned so much about life in the past. Thank you David!! 

We have also been preparing for our Green Schools Visit. We made fantastic posters and learnt a new song or two! Fingers crossed we get a Green Flag for our school.


We have been busy with our Book Buddies since we came back from our Christmas holidays. 
Here we are drawing pictures of our favourite parts of the stories they have read.  We have also been reading for our fifth class friends, they said we were fantastic! 

We spent some time learning about Chinese New Year. We made lanterns, dragons and learnt about Chinese New Year traditions. 
 We learnt about China and Pandas too. 
Check out some of the pictures below. 

We prepared for Valentine's Day by making cards and we explored the effect of heating and cooling on chocolate to make some sweet treats! 

We also made these lovely paintings!